Quarantining together as a family? Check out these shorts, designed to start some conversations over dinner. We sprinkle in a little of everything - drama, comedy, documentary, experimental, genre, and international flavor. Plus a couple of just plain fun ones for the kids... & the grownup kids.

Playing in this program:

Terri Timely

You might be one of the millions of people whose life was made a little bit easier by Susan and you don’t even know it.

Brian Lawes

While searching for food, a boy becomes trapped inside with the homeowners he's stealing from.

Logan Jackson

As last-minute plans for a babysitter fall apart, eight-year-old Brandon is left alone to oversee his younger brother Mason.

Aubry Mintz

An animated turtle challenges a zookeeper by not speaking on command exposing themes of exile

Jorge Moratal, Nacho Garvia

Space exploration is a big leap into the unknown.

Julie Reiters

A celebration of simple acts of play, imagination, and downtime.

Charlotte Quintanar

Making cleaning the bathroom more fun with a creative clash of animation and reality.

Lily Shaul

A girl's finger transforms into a slug, can she learn to love and care for it?

Paula Neudorf, Arianna LaPenne

In UNADOPTED, 24 year old Noel Anaya investigates why the foster care system never found him a “forever family” — and why he was taken from his biological parents in the first place.


91 min


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Available to watch on demand from August 22-29, 2020


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