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Directed by Alexandria Cree, Kristen Hilkert

Produced by Eli Rarey

USA, 2020

5 min

ÁINE is a story about raising a daughter in a world that has already defined her potential. This documentary short film follows the life of a young girl with Down Syndrome from her mother's pre-natal findings through to her present day challenges. As the family navigates unexpected turns, this little girl will sass you with her tenacity for life and her love of music.

A magical ball of sunshine wrapped in a beautifully unique package. The indomitable spirit of one little girl shines as her parents approach any challenges with positivity, laughter and joy. Down syndrome has many connotations especially in the medical world, but Áine repeatedly reveals that she is on her own path, one of her own making. The filmmakers take care to make sure you see her world through the lens of her singular journey.

— Elle Shaw, Programmer

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