Directed by Alice Seabright

Produced by Alexandra Blue, Kate Phibbs

UK, 2019

15 min

Jaq is angry. But she also wants to have sex. This should be straightforward - angry sex is one of the pre-approved genres for copulation. But her body is out to sabotage her coitus in the worst way.... endometriosis.

As someone who has personal experience with endometriosis I really enjoyed this clever, comical take on a serious subject. Directed by Alice Seabright and written by Elaine Grace, the film is exceptionally well made with strong visuals, good acting, and music that enhances the story.

I also loved how they flipped the script at one point to show it if a male had to deal with endometriosis. I somehow feel if this was an issue men had to deal with constantly they'd have more research money on the table and perhaps a cure already delivered. Let’s help spread the word!

— Lauren Reid Brown, Head Programmer