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Directed by Brian Sacca

Produced by Brian Sacca, Matthew Vaughan, Jeff Tomsic

USA, 2020

7 min

Myrtle has gone off the rails today, spouting all types of nonsense about her past. None of it can be true, right? RIGHT?!

Have you ever wondered if your grandma might have been a spy? You will after this film. Get ready for an unexpected comedic joyride. There’s a sector of the population that is often overlooked and underappreciated. The golden-agers. Director Brian Sacca explores the what-if’s of nonsensical chatter by retiree Myrtle. Not to be overlooked, the brilliant supportive casting of Barry Rothbart & Jade Catta-Pretta. All mixed together, this is a delicious recipe for entertainment!

— Elle Shaw, Programmer

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