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Directed by Julian Doan

Produced by Turner Munch, Brianna Murphy

USA, 2020

7 min

Undertakers wait on a family’s final farewells, as one son struggles to say goodbye to his dead father.

In his director's statement, Julian Doan says, “When it came time to say our goodbyes, my mind was clouded. I thought ‘How can I capture everything I want to say about this man and our life together, in such limited language, such limited time?’” I understand this film way too much right now. Death is absurd and mundane; we don’t always know how to act or what to say. Raspberry looks at death in a way that most films don’t. It kind of gives you permission to say goodbye in the way that feels right to you without worrying what others think. Well done.

— Becky Murdoch, Festival Director

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