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Directed by Jack James Parry

Produced by Marianna Parry

Australia | English | 3' | Fiction, Animation

The Object of Life addresses the most urgent problem of our time. The question of materialism. Why do we long for objects? Object of Life argues that we shouldn’t define ourselves by what we have accumulated but rather the ordeal we have endured and the nature of our struggle.

The perpetual feeling that life is bending, stretching and bouncing you in all directions while you’re in a non-stop uphill battle is not singular to one person. Nor is the idea that you need this object and that object to be happy. But what actually gives our life meaning? This creative animation is uplifted by clever scoring to help us explore these ideas. Spreading light and joy, “Object of Life” dances onto the screen with much delight! — Elle Shaw, Festival Director

Saturday, August 20 at 3:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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