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Directed by Domenica Castro, Constanza Castro

Produced by 271 Films

United States | English | 9' | Animation, Documentary

‘We Are Here’ is an audio-visual portrait of what it's like to walk this land in the shoes of an immigrant under 30. It's a moment of reflection that reminds us of the people who immigrated to this country as children. Accompanied by animation and music, the fragments of their stories highlight their presence.

Sometimes a film leaves you with a feeling of urgency — the desire (and sense of responsibility) to make sure every person in your life consumes its artistry and mission. In We Are Here, Animator Cecelia Reeve crafted haunting, mysterious, and deeply felt visuals . In this film, people are voices, colors and floating objects. Directors Domenica and Constanza Castro were smart to withhold faces - forcing us to imagine our friends, our families, and our loved ones in these heartbreaking stories. — Erin Brown Thomas, Artistic Director

Saturday, August 20 at 11:00 AM

Assistance League Theatre

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