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Directed by Jeremiah Dunlap

Produced by Jeremiah Dunlap, Mindy Lopez Dunlap, Seth Dunlap, Cory Quintard, Robyn Quintard, Beta Angarole

United States | English | 27' | Fiction

In a race against time, Rangers at the underfunded Mt. Mystic State Park must remove a mysterious monolithic structure that appears on the eve of the new lieutenant's arrival, facing supernatural forces as they scramble to prepare the park.

Think, The Office meets Parks and Rec and you’ve got the comedic vision of Jeremiah Dunlap. Each of the characters brings their quirky twists to this pilot creating an ensemble that is binge worthy and leaves you wanting more. We’ll be patiently waiting to watch this in our living rooms, very, very, soon! — Elle Shaw, Festival Director

Saturday, August 19 at 3:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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