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A Crab in the Pool

Directed by Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel

Produced by Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel

Canada | French | 11' | Fiction

In a run-down neighborhood, Zoe and her little brother Theo are left to fend for themselves. A young adolescent, Zoe is a ball of anger haunted by an intimate terror. Theo, still a child, flees reality into a fantastical world. During a scorching summer day, the two children will have to burst the abscess of their relationship so as not to lose each other.

Crab in the Pool, directed and produced by Alexandra Myotte and Jean-Sébastien Hamel, is a beautiful look at coping mechanisms. It’s impactful and concise in its emotions. What I loved about this film is how it embraced the animated medium to explain the pain of losing a parent in a more palatable way. The filmmaking is strong, realizing the various fears of each child as they go back to an important place in their memories with their mother. It’s profoundly effective and visually stunning. The style of animation takes us back to those 90's MTV cartoons like “Beavis and Butthead”, or “Daria”. This film is an opportunity to exorcise certain fears and emotions linked to our own personal experiences. Touching, it kept me engaged the whole time. — Lauren Reid Brown, Director of Programming

Sunday, August 18 at 11:00 AM

Assistance League Theatre

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