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Any Sign At All

Directed by Faryl Amadeus

Produced by Kim Griffin, Becca Flinn White

United States | English | 9' | Fiction

Clutching at straws and running on fumes, a desperate young woman’s indecision about the future of her unborn child has her looking for signs from the universe. Stranded at a crossroads, will the future finally reveal its plan?

Writer/Director Faryl Amadeus is a master storyteller. With every submission I am excited to see what journey through the human condition she takes us on. Thematically exploring some of the most challenging moments one can face in life while bringing empathy to each frame, once again she has done it with this film. Any Sign at All takes you on a journey through a pivotal moment Jesse is facing. The question that invariably hangs in the balance, ‘What would you do?’ — Elle Shaw, Executive Director

Saturday, August 17 at 3:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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