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Opening Night Event (Drive-in Theater)

The Salute Your Shorts Film Festival is teaming up with Street Food Cinema to host an opening night event with a drive-in screening at Brandeis Bardin Campus in Simi Valley on August 21, 2020.


American Jewish University-Brandeis Bardin Campus

1101 Pepper Tree Lane 

Brandeis, CA 93064 

United States

Click here to view map

Tickets are $40/car. Get your ticket here

Films may not be appropriate for all audiences, so parents, please look over the line up to decide if it’s appropriate for your children.


– Restrooms* are available for public use.

– All attendees must wear masks when interacting with staff.

– Cars must park one space apart from each other. There will be parking attendants.

– Guests must remain in vehicles at all times* unless going to restrooms.

– Dogs are not recommended due to government restrictions.

– SFC Staff are required to wear masks to ensure your safety.

– Outside food and beverages ARE permitted.

– No tickets will be sold at the door. Please purchase tickets online before the event!

– To get a good spot, please arrive early, doors open at 6:30pm. Cars will be parked by size, trucks & SUVs in the back and cars in the front. We can not guarantee that you can be near friends who arrive in a different vehicle. We can not guarantee rear facing spots. 


*Please check this event page for updates before the event as County health guidelines may change.


Online Festival Powered by Seed&Spark

To watch a film, you can: purchase an individual ticket, purchase a pass, or redeem an access code if you’ve been given one by the festival. If you make your purchase during the pre-order period, you’ll need to wait until the festival starts to watch your film(s). Get your festival pass/tickets here.


Once the festival starts, select the title you want to watch from the Festival home page. If you have a pass or a ticket for the title selected, you can click “Watch” to begin viewing. Make sure you’re logged into Seed&Spark with the e-mail that you used when making your purchase!


Want to tune into the festival at home but don’t want to watch on your computer?

Here are a couple of options.


If you have an HDMI port on your laptop, you can connect to most TVs. This will give you the ability to share your computer screen on your TV so the whole family can enjoy together!


Click here for a YouTube video, if you need some more instruction.


If you have Apple products and are trying to connect to your AppleTV, click here for instructions.



Whether you live alone or with others you can roll out the red carpet and host a watch party from the comfort of your own home.


Live with housemates or family?  Get your ticket from Seed & Spark and gather your housemates for a glitzy Hollywood themed party or pop some popcorn, watch some films and discuss.  


Want to invite friends to watch while socially distancing?  A zoom party is perfect for you! Invite friends to join a zoom call that you set up.  Everyone will need a ticket from Seed & Spark & once everyone is on the call with the block cued up, hit play at the same time and enjoy some films.

However you choose to watch make sure that for any gathering you have you follow rules and regulations for your area! Oh, and also take plenty of pictures and send them to or post them to social media using the hashtag: #SYSFF20  

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