Here's a list of winners from Salute Your Shorts Film Festival 2017:

Music videos - judged by Dez Dickerson, Prince’s original Guitarist

Honorable mention: Ocean

Runner up: Dog In The Night

Best In Category: Dum Ditty Dumb

Documentary Shorts - judged by Kurt Schemper, producer of dozens of unscripted series including Intervention and Netflix’s new show Hot Girls Wanted.

Honorable mention: One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts

Runner up: The Talk: True Stories About The Birds and The Bees

Best In Category: Close Ties

Close Ties (Zofia Kowalewska, 2017)

Web Series - judged by Wynn Everett (Agent Carter, HBOs The Newsroom)

Honorable mention: Hill Yes

Runner up: The Robbery

Best In Category: Parent Teacher

Super Shorts- judged by Mike Ostroski whose recent acting credits include roles on GLOW, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Brooklyn 99, and How to Get away with Murder.  But  Kids might know him from his work in Henry Danger and Fuller House. 

Honorable mention: firstworldproblems

Runner up: The Eye

Best In Category: Sealand Cares

Genre Shorts- judged by Doug Jones, who has starred in such films as Pans Labyrinth, Hellboy, The Silver Surfer and TV shows such as Falling Skies and The Strain.

Honorable mention: Fry Day

Runner up: Just Go!

Best In Category: Dawn of The Deaf

Animated ShortsThe animated films were judged by Dan Lin.  Producer of many blockbusters including the Lego Movie Franchise. 

Honorable mention: Cuerdas

Runner up: Spring Jam

Best In Category: Pearl

Pearl (Patrick Osborne, 2017)

Experimental ShortsThe experimental films were judged by Paul Sloop, short film programmer for the Oscar Qualified, Cleveland International Film Festival.

Honorable mention: In A Nutshell

Runner up: Send

Best In Category: Ten Meter Tower

Comedy - The judge for this category is Emmy Winning actor, Tony Hale. Best known for his work in Veep and Arrested Development. 

Honorable mention: 5 Films About Technology

Runner up: The Date

Best In Category: The Eleven O Clock

The Eleven O'Clock (Derin Seale, 2017)

Dramatic Shorts -The dramas were judged by Paul Sloop, short film programmer for the Oscar Qualified, Cleveland International Film Festival.

Honorable mention: What Tears Us Apart

Runner up: All Exchanges Final

Best In Category: Mare Nostrum

Student Shorts -The student films were judged by Jeremy Howe, writer/producer for the Emmy winning show, The Big Bang Theory. 

Honorable mention: Lockdown

Runner up: Fry Day

Best In Category: Close Ties

Female / Minority Directed Shorts - The judge for the female/ minority filmmaker category is Emily Best, Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark crowdfunding and distribution platform. 

Honorable mention: He Said

Runner up: Fry Day

Best In Category: Mare Nostrum

Audience Award

Honorable mention: (TIE) Frolic n Mae and Cuerdas

Runner up: Fry Day

Best In Category: The Robbery


As determined by the programming team:  FRY DAY


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