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Digital Release: GIRL FRIEND​

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

GIRL FRIEND​ is now available to watch on YouTube

"She thinks they have a perfect relationship. Then he refers to her as his friend. So what are they?" GIRL FRIEND was written and directed by Laura Holliday and was produced by Anna Baumgarten. The film was screened at Salute Your Shorts Film Festival in 2019.


A girl wants to be "modern" enough to handle it when her dude proposes a non-traditional relationship. But that doesn't fit into the love story she wants.


Director: Laura Holliday Producer: Anna Baumgarten Associate Producer: Austin Thomas Line Producer: Paul Brumfield Writer: Laura Holliday Cinematographer: Kevin Stiller Production Designer: Liz Pearlman Editor: Kevin Stone Birou Music Composer: Daniel McCormick Supervising Sound Editor: Alexander Verbitskiy Sound Recordist: Nico Pierce Cast: Laura Holliday, Ali Ghandour

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