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Digital Release: LENA

LENA is available to watch on Vimeo.

The relationship between Lean and Andrei is everything. The director, Gosha Shapiro, captures the tiny intricacies between the generational and cultural gap shining spotlights of comedy on both. Honest and refreshing. — Elle S (Programmer)


A 9-year-old girl plays a translator during a parent-teacher conference.


Director: Gosha Shapiro Executive Producer:Lidia Nikonova Producer: Lucy Putnam Writer: Gosha Shapiro Cinematographer: Lidia Nikonova Production Designer: Mara Certic Editor: Gosha Shapiro Supervising Sound Designer: Nathan Ruyle Sound Designer: Michael Krystek Cast: Zoey Todorovsky, Konstantin Lavysh, Emma Pasarow

Watch the filmmaker conversation moderated by SYSFF Alum Lex Quarterman below


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