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Digital Release: LINE DRY

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Two actors. One Location. Seven Minutes. That’s all SYSFF alum Anna Baumgarten needed to explore the complexities of what it means to be a good neighbor. In LINE DRY, she reminds us that while even small triggers can have seismic emotional repercussions, small neighborly gestures can have an even greater impact. — Erin (Artistic Director)


Kris has had a long night...and it's about to get longer. After getting locked out of her apartment building and her neighbor taking up ALL of the washing machines, she's had it. Things only get worse when her crummy apartment building lives up to its reputation and she discovers the dryers are broken. Just when she's about to call it a night, things take an unexpected turn and she finds out she has more in common with her neighbor than she thinks.


Director: Anna Baumgarten Producer: Anna Baumgarten Writer: Anna Baumgarten Cinematographer: John Fisher Production Designer: Samara Ehlke Editor: Kevin Birou Music: Nathan Alexander Cast: Ariela Barer, Katie C'etta

Watch the filmmaker conversation moderated by SYSFF Alum Rebecca Blumhagen below


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