Digital Release: NEXT LEVEL SHIT

NEXT LEVEL SHIT is available to watch on YouTube.

I laughed. I cringed. I grabbed some tissues (relax, I was crying). Themes of intimacy and imposter syndrome drive this comedic narrative about a man who just wants to have a normal third date. His best intentions and his sensitive stomach come to a head. As far as irreverent comedies go, it’s next level. — Erin (Artistic Director)


Taylor (Ben Baur) prepares obsessively for the perfect third date with dreamboat Chris (Daniel K. Isaac), but his efforts backfire, sending the relationship spiraling to a whole new level of intimacy.


Director: Gary Jaffe Producers: Skylar Landsee, Emily McCann Lesser Writer: Gary Jaffe Cinematographer: Tyler Harmon-Townsend Production Designer: Aaron DiMunno Editor: Katie Ennis Music Composer: Scott Starrett Cast: Ben Baur, Daniel K. Isaac, Justin Sams

Watch the filmmaker conversation moderated by SYSFF Alum Marielle Woods below.

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