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Digital Release: SALES PER HOUR

SALES PER HOUR is available to stream on Showtime

Directed by Michelle Uranowitz, Daniel Jaffe Produced by Chloe Sabin USA, 2020 7 min

Sales Per Hour tells the story of a young woman who faces a moral dilemma when she witnesses a sexual encounter in a dressing room at the clothing store where she works.

I watched this film with my jaw to the floor. Not because it was particularly shocking - in fact, the scandalous incident it depicts is unfortunately commonplace in today’s society. But rather because every element of the film was saturated with naturalism - from the spontaneous and nuanced acting performances, to the perfectly frenzied camera movements. And the editing… oh, the editing. This editor is a genius and stitched it all together in such a fresh way. Honestly, if I didn’t know it was scripted I would have thought this was a vérité doc. Sales Per Hour is a pivotal piece of filmmaking that begs the audience to examine their own integrity, and ask, “Under what conditions would I be willing to turn a blind eye to shady activity done behind a thin veil?” — Erin Brown Thomas, Artistic Director


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