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Digital Release: THE GOLDFISH

THE GOLDFISH is available to watch on Omeleto.


THE GOLDFISH is a surreal dramedy about identity and belonging. The film follows Audre, an adopted woman attending her sister’s baby shower while she is struggling with the idea of possibly becoming a mother herself. We begin with Audre discovering her pet goldfish has given birth - just in time to watch the babies all get gobbled up by their mom. She arrives at the party with the image of this infanticidal goldfish emblazoned in her mind and things get weird. Over the course of the party, Audre gets increasingly overwhelmed and the signifiers of motherhood surrounding her - pregnant bellies, crying babies, abundant fruit trees - take on a hint of menace.

Director: Ashley Paige Brim

Writer: Ashley Paige Brim

Producer: Diana Ward

Production Designer: Brittany Ingram

Cinematographer: Bongani Mlambo

Editor: Melanie Annan

Cast: Diarra Kilpatrick, Murisa Harba, Cedric Sanders, Dhruv Singh, Christine Garver


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