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Digital Release: THE ORIGINALS

The 2022 Salute Your Shorts Film Festival's Best Animation THE ORIGINALS directed by Cristina Maria Costantini, Alfie Kim Koetter is now streaming on The New Yorker

"The Originals is fun with a capital F. Vibrantly mixing 2d “paper-doll” style animation with 3D environments, the aesthetics of this film are so appealing. Directors Cristina Maria Costantini and Alfie Kim Koetter address themes of gentrification with the lightest of touch through their charming subjects, the “original” inhabitants of their beloved Brooklyn neighborhood. I could listen to these guys reminisce about welting each other with belts all day. This film will leave you eager to spend more time outside and strike up a conversation with your neighbor." — Erin Brown Thomas, Artistic Director


Matty “Square” Ruggiero and his childhood friends, the Union Street Boys, tell their story of what it was like to grow up in South Brooklyn, where money was tight but friendships were tighter.


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