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UNFINISHED BUSINESS is available to watch on Vimeo.

When you watch this, you will not know what hit you… in the very best way. It’s sort of like a dance party but it’s also a nightmare, and I found myself laughing out loud the whole time while simultaneously checking over my shoulder with great unease. Director Mary Dauterman’s comedic timing and knack for kooky details really set this film apart. A++ for originality. — Kath T (Programmer)


A male stripper unknowingly finds himself stripping for the ghosts of powerful 80s business women trapped in a purgatorial loop, celebrating their last night on earth before closing a major deal. He still wants to get paid, but he’d rather not get dismembered...


Director: Mary Dauterman, Producers: Leah Donnenberg, Sarah Donnenberg, Kirstin Vanskiver, Writers: Mary Dauterman, Jenny Donheiser, Cinematographer: Kenny Suleimanagich, Production Designer: Pili Weeber, Wardrobe: Phil Gomez, Hair and Makeup Artist: Susie Bua, Editor: Lindsey Nadolski, Sound: Dan Bricker, VFX: Liz Ran Yang, Cast: Sam Taggart, Jenny Donheiser, Nicole Spiezio, Arielle Siegel & Meagan Kensil


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