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Watch Jim Cummings' Short Films: THE ROBBERY, IT’S ALL RIGHT, IT’S OK and PARENT TEACHER

SYSFF Alum Jim Cummings' feature THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW is releasing in theaters and on-demand on October 9. Before it comes out, let's look back on his short films that have played at Salute Your Shorts Film Festival.

THE ROBBERY (SYSFF 2017’s Audience Award)

Dir. Jim Cummings

Crystal robs a liquor store—it goes pretty OK.



Dir. Jim Cummings

A man drops to his knees to give CPR to a stranger, but all is not what it seems.


PARENT TEACHER (SYSFF 2017’s Best Web Series)

Dir. Jim Cummings and Dustin Hahn

A teacher having a meltdown at a Parent Teacher conference.

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