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Talia Shea Levin

In this 16mm dance film, bodies move alone together to find peace and exorcise pain. This project was born out of a need to reinvent community from a safe distance, to anchor in collective experience on the shores of a changing world.

You have to appreciate the attention to detail that went into this super-short screen-dance film. The framing and camera zooms, choreography and movement style, foreground elements, and music all work together to unite these private moments between Isolated people. Talia Shea Levin and company took 675ft of expired Fuji 16mm film stock and created a conversation about community. I dig it. I also can’t help but applaud the clever title. — Erin (Artistic Director)



Quarantine Creativity Challenge


2 min




No dialogue


Dance and Music


Talia is an LA-based film and theater maker from Washington, DC via Pittsburgh, PA, where she studied directing and screenwriting at Carnegie Mellon University. She has written, directed, and produced films, theater performances, and 360 VR video works that incorporate time travel, supernatural powers, women-powered community, simulated reality, unrequited love, road trips, and kinetic communication. Her work has been featured in Short of the Week, NoFilmSchool, Filmatique Talents, The Cut Magazine, Cucalorus Festival, PÖFF Shorts, and the LA Dance Film Festival, where she now serves as a member of the jury. Her “hypnotic and emotionally charged” dance narrative film E T A screened in the 2019 shots Presents showcase curated from the Scout section of the Source platform. She has assisted filmmakers Josephine Decker, Katharine O'Brien, and Justin Lerner, and worked as a consultant to producer Paula Wagner. As a producer, she has worked with leading production companies such as FREENJOY, Special Order Co., Stitcher Radio, Neon Hum, and The Famous Group. In the industrial sector, she is a Director and Producer of bold, narrative-driven content for corporate clients including Nanostring Technologies and Uber ATG.

She loves filmmaking on a grand scale and her goal in any medium is to employ the unexpected to tell more human stories.


Playing as a part of


Drive-in Theater

August 21, 2020

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Screening at 8:30 pm

At Brandeis Bardin Campus, Simi Valley

1101 Pepper Tree Ln, Brandeis (Simi Valley) CA 93064

Online Festival

Powered by Seed&Spark

Available to watch on demand from August 22-29, 2020



Director: Talia Shea Levin

Choreographer: MUDA / Maritza Navarro

Cinematographer: Adam Leene

Editor: Lynn Hong

Original Song: Amanda Leigh Jerry, Alex Knee

Cast: Jasmine Agredano, Juliet Deem, Kat Devoe-Peterson, Lynn Hong, Arie Levine, Micah Moch, Katie Peabody, Soren Royer-McHugh, David Clifford Turner


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