Each of our shorts blocks is designed to take our audiences on a full-spectrum emotional journey. We sprinkle in a little of everything - drama, comedy, documentary, experimental, genre, and international flavor. What unites these films and makes them part of our lineup? We have found that they all have aftertaste.

Playing in this program:

Bridget Moloney

An existential comedy about the mother of two young children who begins to spontaneously vomit plastic toy blocks.

Rebecca Halfon

Drunk with power after getting her braces off, 13-year-old Esther tries to seduce her oblivious Hebrew tutor.

Talia Shea Levin

An outlet for chaos and the enduring need to connect created as lockdown took effect in Los Angeles.

Gosha Shapiro

A 9-year-old girl plays translator during a parent-teacher conference.

Alan Hicks

Liv and her older sister Tess are inseparable siblings, who from a young age share a strong musical bond, but behind the music and happy images, hides a terrifying secret. Liv rides the waves of hope and despair, older sister Tess desperately fights to save her.

Antoine Bonnet, Mathilde Loubes

A group of children witnesses a crime and is forced to remain silent. Auguste, the youngest, finds the burden too heavy and decides to reveal this secret. To punish this treason, the rest of the kids plan to get rid of him.

Carlyn Hudson

A young woman tries to endure a sleepover with a socially awkward, mysteriously orphaned heiress.


93 min


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Available to watch on demand from August 22-29, 2020


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