Each of our shorts blocks is designed to take our audiences on a full-spectrum emotional journey. We sprinkle in a little of everything - drama, comedy, documentary, experimental, genre, and international flavor. What unites these films and makes them part of our lineup? We have found that they all have aftertaste.

Playing in this program:

Emil Gallardo

A loving teacher gets caught in a crisis that engulfs her campus, threatening the kids in her care.

Natasha Ngaiza

As a town copes with the disappearance of a little girl, a mother of two must come to terms with her own decision to abort an unexpected pregnancy.

Tahmina Rafaella

A young, modern mother struggles to find her place in Baku, Azerbaijan, a culture simultaneously Muslim and secular, progressive as it is traditional, and like her at a crossroads of seeming contradictions.

Tessa Evelyn

Two stoner babes believe they are being stalked by celebrity sex offenders.

Nate Milton

A true story from the realms of High Strangeness, Magical Thinking and Manic Delusion.

Chloé Aktas

After a devastating break-up, Lance listens to instructional cassette tapes on how to heal his broken heart.

Lori Felker

You never know when someone is miscarrying; it could be happening right next to you.

Jon Walkup

After the death of his older brother, Jonathan decides to visit their childhood home.


91 min


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Available to watch on demand from August 22-29, 2020


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