Each of our shorts blocks is designed to take our audiences on a full-spectrum emotional journey. We sprinkle in a little of everything - drama, comedy, documentary, experimental, genre, and international flavor. What unites these films and makes them part of our lineup? We have found that they all have aftertaste.

Playing in this program:

Anders Hammer

The story of the 2019 Hong Kong protests, told through a season of demonstrations by local protestors that escalate into conflict when highly armed police appear on the scene.

Shayda Frost

14-year old Nat walks an audience through her world of bullies, family, friends and fandom.

Erica Tremblay

The lives of a Native woman and nine-year-old boy intersect over the course of a school day on a reservation in Oklahoma

Dame Pierre

LONG RIDE HOME explores the unfortunate reality that it's extremely hard to 'make it out.' To show Black people who are fortunate enough to transition from being a have-not to a have, that it is not always as simple as pulling yourself up by the bootstraps.

Max Cianci, Anthony Peduzzi

A man follows mysterious trails through a seemingly abandoned building.

Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Trapped in their marriage, Dimitra and Dimitris try to endure their summer vacation with their two daughters on a remote island. Unexpectedly, human civilization collapses.

Ashley Eakin

A girl born with one arm is set up on a blind date with a guy who has one hand... and she is pissed!

Sawako Kabuki

Organisms dance vigorously along with delightful recorders.


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Available to watch on demand from August 22-29, 2020


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