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Directed by Amy Bench

Produced by Carolyn Merriman, Constance Dykhuizen, Jessica Goudeau

USA, 2019

9 min

Separated from her mother by smugglers at the border, a determined 12-year-old sets out across a desert with only a plastic sack for protection from the cold, survives starvation on the streets of Ciudad Juarez, and escapes kidnappers to find her mother and a place where they can be safe again.

When we talk about immigrants and refugees and undocumented people, who we sometimes wrongly call “illegal”—we often don’t think about the individual people behind the issue. Each person’s story is unique. I love Amy Bench’s unique approach using animation in this powerfully documented story of one woman. It’s a story that definitely needs to be heard!

— Lauren Reid Brown, Head Programmer

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