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Directed by Akanksha Cruczynski

Produced by Felicia Ferrara

USA, 2021

15 min

An immigrant dogwalker finds home in the hearts of the rich people’s dogs she dogsits.

Watching Close Ties to Home Country, you know it was inspired by some specific, personal pain -- But its humor is universal and had me literally laughing out loud while watching it alone. For those of you who have not screened films at your laptop all day -- know that this is a high bar. Watching a dog walker discuss her newfound interest in socialism with a sweater-wearing french bulldog is a total hoot, but the cherry on top of this funny sundae are the earnest moments that speak more profoundly to the film's themes of injustice and privilege. If you’ve watched this film a bajillion times like I have, you will notice unending easter eggs of irony and subtle humor. Director Akanksha Cruczynski really understands how to use the language of cinema to create tone and craft amusement. I really want to see more from her… perhaps even a feature version of this film.

— Erin Brown Thomas, Artistic Director

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