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Directed by Ethosheia Hylton

Produced by Millie Marsh

UK, 2020

15 min

Soon to leave her very British boarding school, Dọlápọ̀ is pressured to conceal her natural hair, and to change her name in order to get a job in the City. Dọlápọ̀ buys a wig, but the hair leaves her questioning its uncertain origins and she is forced to reconsider her own assumptions about identity.

What was “woke” in one generation is regressive in another. While this comedy is about a very specific cultural struggle the overall idea of getting advice from a well-meaning mentor that encourages you to change yourself is relatable. The film, directed by Ethosheia Hylton, is impactful, fun, moving, and so well made.

— Lauren Reid Brown, Head Programmer

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