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Directed by Tom J Stern

Produced by Tom J Stern

USA, 2019

7 min

Silvertop tells the fascinating tale of one of the world's most amazing houses. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright protege John Lautner, this architectural masterwork is a marvel that was decades ahead of its time, but the human story behind this house is as compelling as the house itself.

Cute and quirky with a hint of kitsch. Not the architecture, of course. It’s a very serious matter and quite frankly, astounding. Nostalgia comes into play as we reminisce of design dreams gone awry. Persistence and vision lead us to a beautiful reveal of a historic Los Angeles structural feat. Who better to take us on this journey than Claude, a Boston Terrier with a sassy accent. Kidding? No. Never about architecture, my dear.

— Elle Shaw, Programmer

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