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Directed by Caleb Slain

Produced by Richard Stevenson, Max Losee, Ethan Seneker, Hope Alexander, La'Charles Trask

USA, 2020

13 min

A dream, a nightmare, a musical. Ten years in the making, welcome to the stormy inner world of one Congolese-American coming of age in the US.

Nathan Nzanga is dripping with talent and the coolest part is that you get to see his creative evolution come to life thanks to a creative young boys’ passion for video documentation. “A narrative hip hop odyssey exploring a young man’s conflicted feelings of policing, love and identity in a divided nation.” Nathan and Director Caleb Slain create magic through their visual collaborative choices leaving you wondering what you might be capable of if you had only followed that voice inside you as a child. Relentless pursuit of craft has brought Nzanga & Slain to this purposeful moment of truth.

— Elle Shaw, Programmer

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