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Directed by Afton Quast Saler

Produced by Rachel Priebe, Reagan Shea

USA, 2021

25 min

A 35-year-old film student recently diagnosed with ADHD manages by turning the camera on herself.

You're very smart, Afton," she explained, "You just see the world differently than other people.” Afton Quast Saler gives us a firsthand experience of receiving an ADHD diagnosis, vulnerably making herself the subject of her own story and uncovering a largely underreported one-- women with ADHD are less likely to receive treatment than men. Stylish animation and bold editing choices give us a glimpse of what her brain thinks and feels, adding intelligence and heart. I happily accepted the invitation to join Afton on this emotional ride, and I encourage you to as well.

— Lauren Reid Brown, Head Programmer

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