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Directed by Noé Debré

Produced by Benjamin Elalouf (Moonshaker film)

France, 2021

16 min

Igor has been completely depressed since his ex Marie became an Instagram star thanks to a activist group about female orgasm. Igor thinks it's a deliberate strategy to prevent him from finding someone else. He convinces his friend Arnaud to accompany him to Marie's place to clear things up.

Coming of age in the dark rise of the Internet, we millennials have undergone a deep generational trauma that we have yet to process. Gone are the days when we could connect with our friends on AIM or - gasp - call them on the phone. Now, our phones exist purely to document our social interactions and use them to grow our brand. We’re Not Animals pokes perfect fun at our modern dystopia, as a quirky cast of characters claw their way back to genuine human connection through a whirlwind of feminist sex blogs, ethical non-monogamy, cancel culture and auto-tuned French pop.

— Katherine Tolentino, Programmer

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