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Directed by Katie Bernstein, Clara Mokri

Produced by Katie Bernstein, Clara Mokri

United States | English | 26' | Documentary

In wealthy Sausalito floats one of the last free places in California. A vibrant liveaboard community of mariners, drifters, nomads, disaster survivors, and those cast out by high costs of living and no social safety net struggle against a harbormaster, bureaucrats and a wealthy community that wants them gone.

In today’s culture it has sadly become the norm to be heels dug in and not open to seeing an issue from another viewpoint. Filmmakers, Katie Bernstein & Clara Mokri present both sides of a complicated issue between a vulnerable community of outcasts and the bureaucrats who want them gone. The documentary, Anchored Out, depicts an unhoused community I had never heard of before . You'll be ebbing in pensive waters with this one. — Lauren Reid, Head Programmer

Sunday, August 21 at 3:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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