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Directed by Dawn Luebbe

Produced by Natalie Metzger

United States | English | 10' | Documentary

A documentary that spotlights a 38 year tradition, the “Dress A Cow” event at Ohio’s Canfield County Fair. A meditation on bovine beauty, it reminds us that putting pants on a cow is not like putting pants on a person.

Everyone deserves a moment to shine….even a COW. This fun doc peaks into a rural community’s tradition and love affair of 38 years. Director Dawn Luebbe captures the deep-seeded connection those involved have with their cows and their adoration for this fanciful competition. This film is udderly endearing and you can’t help but lean in. (Pun intended) — Elle Shaw, Festival Director

Sunday, August 21 at 1:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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