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Directed by Andreas Nilsson

Produced by Lee Groombridge, Tanya Sokolova

United Kingdom, Ukraine | English, French, Russian | 10' | Fiction

A young man faces the wrath of a family of criminals that target people who are famous on the internet and extort money from them. When their scheme fails, the plan to kill him takes an unexpected turn.

Gather ‘round, boys and girls, and hear the legend of Claudio, an ill-fated social media influencer “not striking enough to be a model, but cute enough that he doesn’t have to try very hard.”. This uproariously absurdist gem of a film from sculptor-turned-filmmaker Andreas Nilsson was a programmer favorite, set apart by its rare brand of humor and a very strange anal fruit covered in hair that we sadly cannot unsee. — Kath Tolentino, Programmer

Saturday, August 19 at 3:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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