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Directed by Bryce McGuire

Produced by Isaiah Smallman

United States | English | 12' | Fiction

The realtor told them the house was haunted. That doesn't stop long-time couple, Maya and Danny, from moving in anyway. After years of compromise and losing sight of what she wants, Maya finds part of herself that’s been missing in the spirits that occupy their new haunted house.

There’s nothing quite like a haunted house story and director Bryce McGuire knows this. He puts a fresh spin on the ghost story genre, cascading us into a world where we get to know the lives of the friendly spirits that inhabit a recently purchased house. And so does Maya, a housewife whose memory is haunted by past hurts. With a wonderfully crafted script and fresh visuals, McGuire asks us to consider how life’s traumas can connect us. Equal parts eerie and sentimental, hipster and southern gothic, EVERY HOUSE IS HAUNTED reminds us that you might find happiness where you least expect it. I expect big things to come from this immensely talented director. — Vincent DeLuca, Programmer

Saturday, August 19 at 5:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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