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Directed by Nathan Truesdell

Produced by Will Lennon, Kat Nguyen

United States | English | 19' | Documentary

Tensions rise on a busy street as news organizations and local residents witness an extremely volatile situation turn into a literal powder keg.

Some films just suck you in from start to finish and this pulled-from-the-news-headlines doc is certainly that. You read the name of the film, and yeah… it delivers on its title. Like a rubber-necking driver who can’t help but gaze upon an accident on the side of the road, anyone who lives in LA will want to get their eyeballs on this epic shit show. (Don’t worry, I’m talking about the incident the film depicts). The film is a smartly-structured masterpiece that has stuck with me for months. — Erin Brown Thomas, Artistic Director

Saturday, August 19 at 1:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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