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Directed by Kirk Johnson

Produced by Kirk Johnson

United States | English | 15' | Fiction

Sam can't sleep. His bedroom is surrounded on all sides by chirping smoke alarms, the sign of a low battery. So he does what any bleary-eyed problem solver would do...he sets out on an odyssey to find the annoying chirp and in the process, learns about himself, his neighbors and his place in the world.

Yay!! Beeps is an absolute delight to watch, offering a refreshing blend of humor and documentary filmmaking. Kirk Johnson brilliantly infuses the film with lighthearted fun while seamlessly tying in bigger themes of gentrification and anxiety. The result is a highly enjoyable and thought-provoking experience that resonates on multiple levels. Beeps is a fantastic film that I’m thrilled to share with our audiences. — Jillian Corsie, Programmer

Saturday, August 17 at 7:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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