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Directed by Bill Morrison

Produced by Bill Morrison, Jamie Kalven

United States | English | 30' | Fiction

INCIDENT reconstructs a Chicago police shooting from 2018, reassembling the event and its immediate aftermath from a variety of viewpoints, including surveillance, security, dashboard, and body-worn cameras as a continuous, synchronized split-screen montage.

The moment I finished Incident, I knew we had to program it at SYSFF. Bill Morrison's film is a masterclass in captivating storytelling that keeps you glued to the screen. Every moment is meticulously crafted, creating a gripping, horrifying, and eye-opening experience. Morrison's genius shines through his innovative use of CCTV footage and police cameras, skillfully layering varying perspectives to heighten the emotional intensity of the narrative. This film will leave audiences stunned into silence and make us all question our own perceptions. — Jillian Corsie, Programmer

Saturday, August 17 at 7:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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