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Border Hopper

Directed by Nico Casavecchia

Produced by Nico Casavecchia, Gabriela Ortega

United States | English | 14' | Fiction

When a Latinx filmmaker is offered a dream-job abroad, she discovers a supernatural way to navigate the US immigration system and get the coveted travel permit she desperately needs. But what seems like a magic solution soon shows unexpected consequences.

This deliciously juicy film combines magical realism, animation, wit, and a whole lot of Candy Crush for a completely original take on the perils of America’s immigration system. Laura has just been offered a dream job to direct a Super Bowl commercial, but there’s a catch: it’s in Poland. Traveling there would risk her and husband Jorge’s greencards. Can she level-up through the layers of impossible bureaucracy and play her way out of this predicament? Or should she quit the game altogether? — Kath Tolentino, Programmer

Sunday, August 18 at 1:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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