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David Again

Directed by Adam Elliott

Produced by Emily Kincaid, Lisa Schiller, Eliza Dennis, Aaron Simms, Matthew Lincoln

United States | English | 17' | Non-fiction

David Again' tells the story of David Dennis, his road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and his lifelong friendship with actor Jon Cryer. It is a story about redemption, the power of friendship, and the promise that it is never too late to ask for help.

SYSFF’s mantra is “films with aftertaste”. One of our earliest submissions, from the time that I first watched David Again this film has stuck with me as incredibly sweet and profound. What really stands out (besides the obvious friendship between David and Jon) is the editing and structure of this documentary by Adam Elliott. The vérité scenes are excellent.
David’s story offers the promise that it is never too late to ask for help, or to ask for forgiveness. It’s a story about the power of friendship and what it means to support those close to you so they can realize their unique potential. Adam Elliott is certainly showing us his with this film! — Lauren Reid Brown, Director of Programming

Saturday, August 17 at 1:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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