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Learning English

Directed by Jean Liu

Produced by Jean Liu, William T Phoenix

United States | English, Mandarin Chinese | 11' | Fiction

Hannah’s first week in the US isn’t going as expected. Rejected by everyone she meets, it seems nobody has time to practice English with her. When she is propositioned by a couple looking for a phone sex participant, she uses the conversation as an opportunity to expand her vocabulary. She quickly realizes that this is a situation where online translators just won’t cut it and she’ll have to dig deep into language skills in order to help this couple cum.

In her director’s statement, British Chinese director Jean Liu writes that she’s tired of seeing the same-old immigrant stories about the drudgery of service industry jobs and 2nd generation kids resenting their parents. Learning English is her take on the immigrant story… and it SLAYS. Zine Tseng (3 Body Problem) is seemingly a naive deer-in-the-headlights new to America and eager to learn the language. I guarantee you’ll be shocked and in stitches at how she chooses to do so. Totally absurd and FUCKING FUNNY. Jean, I beg you, please make more movies.

Kath Tolentino, Programmer

Saturday, August 17 at 11:00 AM

Assistance League Theatre

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