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Directed by Rachel Walden

Produced by Lucas Balser, Pauline Chalamet

United States | English | 17' | Fiction

At a Halloween carnival, a young father steals a magician's rabbit to impress his ten year old son. The thrill of the petty theft quickly dissolves into reality when the young boy is tasked with getting himself, his father, and his new pet home safe.

Surprising, original, and fresh with a mix of moments of levity, drama, and mystery, writer / director Rachel Walden brings us LEMON TREE. The personal, almost vérité style of composition that is used throughout the film gives a sense of childhood wonder and naiveté at even something as seemingly mundane as going on a day trip with your dad. The music is solemn, the script powerful yet subtle, and the performance by the young lead who gives his character depth and despair all at once, incredible. I’ll be tasting this one for a while.

Lauren Reid Brown, Director of Programming

Sunday, August 18 at 5:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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