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The Anne Frank Gift Shop

Directed by Mickey Rapkin

Produced by Noam Dromi, Greg Zekowski

United States | English, Hebrew | 15' | Fiction

Is there a wrong way to talk about the Holocaust? That's the question at the heart of THE ANNE FRANK GIFT SHOP, a dark comedy about anti-Semitism that packs a vital and timely message. When a high-end design firm presents its plans to reimagine the gift shop at The Anne Frank House, the company's overt appeal to Generation Z sparks a debate about collective trauma, the Holocaust and tote bags.

I love a contained ensemble comedy that cuts deep in unexpected places. In a time when the Holocaust deniers are an exponentially growing subset of our population, The Anne Frank Gift Shop invites audiences into the questions: How do we make people remember? With several laugh-out-loud-moments and a cast of strong character performers, this awkward workplace dramedy flirts with impropriety while making you reach for your tissues. — Erin Brown Thomas, Artistic Director

Sunday, August 18 at 5:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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