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One Happy Customer

Directed by WATTS

Produced by Jenna Watt, Rebecca Maar, Stink Films

United States | English | 6' | Fiction

Set in the red-light district of a heightened world that mischievously blends live action and animation, One Happy Customer follows the daily routine of an older sex worker. Luring clients in, snatching up their cash, and using her special trick to leave them satisfied—and more importantly, to get them out of her hair as quickly as possible. She’s listless, even bored.

A dark comedy on the edge of fantasy, One Happy Customer is fresh, innovative, and clever. It creates a unique style that is both cartoonish and hyper-realistic, unlike anything we've ever seen, as if John Waters and Baz Luhrmann made a film together. The characters, though outlandishly cliché, deliver a powerful lesson: 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' With its edgy, raunchy humor and high production value, the film is a joy to watch. The impressive filmmaking by Jenna and Tripp Watts combines animation and live action in an original approach, with standout art direction, costumes, props, and make-up/prosthetics. This multi-genre film, one of our earliest submissions, is funny and weird in all the right ways. — Lauren Reid Brown, Director of Programming

Saturday, August 17 at 9:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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