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Watch Salute Your Shorts at Home: Program 7

The Salute Your Shorts at Home: Program 7 includes the 92nd Oscar® Nominee BROTHERHOOD, firstworldproblems, POZOLE, SYSFF 2019's Best Comedy: Honorable Mention RELATIONSHIP DELI, STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN, SYSFF 2019's Best Pilot THE NEW HOMESMITHS: I LIVE IN A TINY HOUSE.

BROTHERHOOD Dir. Meryam Joobeur Mohamed is suspicious when his estranged eldest son Malek returns home from Syria to rural Tunisia with a mysterious young wife in tow.

RELATIONSHIP DELI Dir. Ian Van der Werff

A deli worker and a desperate woman attempt to build the perfect relationship, sandwich-style!

firstworldproblems Dir. Marielle Woods It happens on the rainy day of the year in Los Angeles.

STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN Dir. Jennette Mccurdy A frazzled mother puts all her energy into helping her daughter overcome an eating disorder.

POZOLE Dir. Jessica Mendez Siqueiros When Maia sets out to reconnect with her Mexican roots on her Nana's 100th birthday, things go wrong.

THE NEW HOMESMITHS: I LIVE IN A TINY HOUSE Dir. Rebecca Blumhagen Jewel Pearson's tiny house trailblazer, sets out to redefine the American Dream within a white community.

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