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Watch Salute Your Shorts at Home: Program 9

The Salute Your Shorts at Home: Program 8 includes CONSENT: A SHORT COMEDY ABOUT A SERIOUS SUBJECT, KRISTA, SYSFF 2019's Female Directed Film: Runner-Up and Drama: Honorable Mention HOW DOES IT START, QUITTING, SYSFF 2017's Genre Film: Runner-Up JUST GO!, and SYSFF 2018's Best Student Film SOG.

CONSENT: A SHORT COMEDY ABOUT A SERIOUS SUBJECT Dir. Kimmy Gatewood When a singer won’t take no for an answer, her fan is put in an awkward position.

KRISTA Dir. Danny Madden In a high school theater class, Krista uses her scene study as catharsis.

HOW DOES IT START Dir. Amber Sealey 12-year-old Rain wants sex, the only problem is it's 1983 and she has no idea what that means.

QUITTING Dir. Brett Epstein After six years in Los Angeles, Alex abandons his pursuit of acting in lieu of a simpler life in small-town Oregon.

JUST GO! Dir. Pavel Gumennikov A young man who lost both his legs in a childhood accident comes to the rescue of the girl he loves when she is victimized by villains.

SOG Dir. Jonatan Schwenk The people of humanlike creatures lash out viciously against a shoal of fish that had entered their desolated land.

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