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Film Recommendations: Parenthood

From a heartwarming drama to a spooky dark movie, these films share a similar theme about parenthood.

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Here's a list of films:

MEATS Directed by Ashley Williams

HOMESICK Directed by Koya Kamura

A MOTHER Directed by Natasha Ngaiza

MADRE (MOTHER) Directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

SPONTANEOUS Directed by Lori Felker

POWER Directed by Chris Foito

PANGU Directed by Shaofu Zhang

STICKER Directed by Georgi M. Unkovski

OVERSHARE Directed by Michelle Noh

LENA Directed by Gosha Shapiro

LA HISTORIA DE MATEO (MATEO'S STORY)Directed by Malona P. Badelt

A SUNDAY IN MAY Directed by Carlos Matias

UMBILICAL Directed by Danski Tang

POSTCARDS FROM THE END OF THE WORLD Directed by Konstantinos Antonopoulos


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