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Directed by James Gallagher

Produced by James Gallagher

United States | English | 12' | Documentary

A short documentary following Paulette Harwood, a 90-year-old former Radio City Music Hall Corps de Ballet soloist, as she teaches the final classes in a school she's run for sixty years.

A unique documentary experience filled with connection. Director James Gallagher’s love letter to his grandmother is both poignant and inspiring. The intentional choice to guide the audience along through specific captioning is both required and astute. This film broaches some massive topics -- life and death, the artistic spirit, aging, wisdom and mentorship. It has a distinct voice and demonstrates that Paulette's spirit was truly transferred into the lives of her young students. Paulette has created a thread reaching past and present generations with no end in sight. — Elle Shaw, Festival Director

Saturday, August 20 at 7:00 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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