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Directed by Jerah Milligan

Produced by Jerah Milligan, Blaine Morris, James Carr, Andrew Carlberg

United States | English | 13' | Fiction

In this comedy horror tale, three Black friends wake up to a nightmare — a dead white woman on the floor of their Airbnb. Tensions rise, sweat beads, and accusations fly, but they slowly come to a terrifying truth: this house is killing white women!

Sneakily hilarious! My favorite parts of this film were the intentionally placed tropes mixed with comedic twists and turns. You think you know where you are headed and then you take a sharp right turn. The naturalistic acting steadily supports Jerah Milligan’s vision. Taking shots at all of the modern cultural topics and landing them. Bravo, bravo! — Elle Shaw, Festival Director

Sunday, August 20 at 4:30 PM

Assistance League Theatre

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